Joan Emanuel

Joan Emanuel

Human Resources/Office Manager

Joan Emanuel—Human Resources & Office Manager

Before joining the team at Cherry Creek Benefits, Joan worked as a physical therapist’s aide. She found her work very rewarding as she helped patients dealing with pain by performing various laser and electrical therapies and assisting with exercises. Additionally, Joan has held a number of sales, bookkeeping, and human resource positions for country clubs and hotels.

Physical and mental well-being are two top priorities for Joan, who works out daily. Joan prizes her family above all else, with a life goal to be the best mother she can to her son and daughter.

Originally from Warren, Ohio, Joan enjoys traveling to beautiful places like the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico. When she has down time, Joan enjoys spending time with her dog Ranger and watching the TV show Chopped.

Her favorite movie is “Legends of the Fall” and her favorite food is pasta. Lasagna is her favorite type of pasta, because she loves to make her own sauce and uses her “secret recipe” meatballs.