Source: United Benefit Advisors (UBA)

The Updated Guides are also available from our HCR Central Page.

United Benefit Advisors (UBA), the nation???s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization, has released updated versions of several of its most in-demand resource guides that includes recent changes in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) regulations.??The??Employer???s Guide to ???Play or Pay,?????Counting Employees Under PPACA,??and??The??PPACA Employee Guides??highlight compliance priorities for employers of all sizes and educational guidelines for employees. HCR Central, an online library of compliance content, is a popular resource for both employers and employees offering direction, analysis, and insight on the latest news in health care benefits.

The??Employer???s Guide to ???Play or Pay?????white paper features perspectives from UBA benefit experts, data from the UBA Benefit Opinions Survey, and other facts to help guide employers through some of the most commonly asked questions. The paper has been updated to reflect several delayed effective dates and the final regulations on the employer-shared responsibility requirements.

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The??PPACA Employee Guides??are designed to help employees understand the basics of PPACA and answer many of the most commonly asked questions regarding minimum essential coverage, family coverage, health insurance Marketplaces, and more.

Updates include open enrollment dates and Federal Poverty Level (FPL) tables.

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UBA???s guide,??Counting Employees Under PPACA, helps employers determine how many employees they have for several purposes under the PPACA. This guide covers the basics about:

  • The definitions of full-time employees
  • How to count part-time employees on a pro-rata basis
  • How to treat seasonal employees
  • Who the law considers an “employee”
  • Counting hours correctly
  • Determining average hours worked
  • Penalties that result if a “large employer” doesn’t offer coverage

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