Our Service Model

Cherry Creek Benefits actively collaborates with your company to help you design the benefits package that most effectively matches your business and employees’ needs.  You’ll be empowered with the tools needed to reduce healthcare costs while continuing to provide your employees with comprehensive benefits.

Our benefits consulting services are designed to offer guidance in the effective development of your company’s benefits solutions. Comprehensive, cost-controlled employee benefits enhance your ability to protect the future of your business and your employees. At Cherry Creek Benefits, our mission is to provide the direction and information you need to make the right decisions for your company and employees.

Employee Benefits

It’s no secret: Your employees are your greatest asset and as such demand a worthwhile investment. A strategically designed employee benefits program will leave a positive impact on your employees and your budget while creating a unique, competitive advantage as an employer. As health care coverage and costs change, be sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your company. Our firm guides you through each step of the process, including benefit plan development and open enrollment, allowing you to successfully equip employees with crucial benefits.


Compliance can be difficult to manage on your own; our team offers committed guidance to ensure your business is optimally prepared and protected. Proactive compliance will guarantee that your company adheres to necessary policies and procedures. Navigate through creation, distribution, implementation, renewal, and fulfillment of policy and procedure.

Wellness Programs

Innovatively designed wellness programs will improve overall health among your employees while simultaneously decreasing renewal rates and increasing productivity. Be empowered to develop your company’s own wellness strategy, properly communicate its availability, and effectively incorporate it into target areas within your employee population. Your company will have the necessary tools to first identify the potential causes of high rates and weak utilization, and then strategically promote a wellness program that will serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Employee Communication

Effective communication with your employees is invaluable for the success of your health and benefits program. Maintaining open and continual communication allows employees to feel engaged, connected, and informed. We want to work alongside you to develop and then execute a comprehensive communication plan strategically designed to help your employees understand their plan options and make informed decisions. Our employee communications services provide you with the information and tools needed to maximize the investment you’ve made in benefits and wellness programs.

Cherry Creek Benefits provides an extraordinary level of experience and customer service! Our company has a long history with CCB, and could not imagine navigating the world of employee benefits without them.

Brian Waldie

Human Resources and Benefits Manager,

Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation