magnifying glass dataReduce your exposure to potential liability.

It’s important that employers have the ability to look deeply into the ways their benefit programs are structured and administered. Then, compare their programs against the market and competition.

With so many different types of insurance plans, it’s hard to keep up! One employer may offer medical, dental, vision, life, disability or voluntary coverage. The list goes on.

At Cherry Creek Benefits, we believe that an in-depth audit of your insurance plans is critical, and that’s why we developed a customized method called The Audit ™.

The Audit™ is the most comprehensive employee benefit auditing process ever developed. There are a number of different types of audits that clients can choose to perform. Listed below are some of the different auditing options we offer to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Dependant Audit – Depending on employee demographics and complexity of the eligibility criteria, as many as 3{2eaa4f485d9cc6f51fe4a6cf8ce3ef0ebac906948fdf8a67ddff1a19f4ba00be} – 12{2eaa4f485d9cc6f51fe4a6cf8ce3ef0ebac906948fdf8a67ddff1a19f4ba00be} of covered dependents may be ineligible. By eliminating these ineligible dependents, employers can realize considerable savings in claims, premiums, administration fees, and other possible plan costs.
  • Compliance Audit – Full check of COBRA, HIPAA, ADA, ERISA, IRC Section 125, Non-discrimination testing, GINA and Medicare D laws and regulations
  • Retiree Medical Plan Audit
  • Human Resources Practices & Processes Audit