Building a Culture of Safety

Many employers do not realize the full effect workplace accidents have on their organization. Beyond initial treatment costs and lost production time, on-the-job injuries impact insurance premiums, which can increase a company’s costs for years to come.

[colored_box color=”blue”]Building a comprehensive safety program that engages all levels of your organization can reduce accidents, improve morale and ultimately protect the bottom line for your company.[/colored_box]

safety programs

Successful safety programs start at the top. The need for upper management support and leadership will be critical to the success of building the safety program at your company. Our Building a Culture of Safety guide contains safety program essentials and covers topics such as how to:

  • Promote a culture of safety
  • Use OSHA to your advantage
  • Integrate Wellness and Worker Safety
  • Reduce injury costs
  • Control premiums
  • Understand and control your company’s modification factor

Download the Safety Program Essentials Booklet
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