Commercial Insurance

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At Cherry Creek Benefits, we like to think that we don’t just sell insurance-

We are a modern, large insurance firm, BUT we have made our success by treating our clients in an old fashioned way – as friends. We like to know and understand our clients’ entire insurance portfolio and needs.
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hierl core commercial services Risk Management

Cherry Creek Benefits Insurance uses three core principles to help you manage your risk.

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hierl core commercial services2 Loss Control


From strategic planning to implementation, your initiatives are tailored to your needs.

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hierl core commercial services 3 Claims Management

Providing independent audit and review of 5 strategic areas.

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Points of Service to count on from Cherry Creek Benefits:

[toggle title=”Total Insurance Analysis”]We perform our TOTAL INSURANCE ANALYSIS at no cost to you, identifying every insurance policy you have or need and identifying any gaps, under-insurance, and over-insurance that may occur.

We are a full service agency with specialists in every form of insurance available. We do not insist on our client taking insurance coverage – however our job is to inform you of your potential financial exposure.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Provider Comparison”]We use at least three insurance providers and we review every client account each year to determine where their insurance is best placed to provide maximum coverage at a reasonable cost.

Companies who have used single company agents or agents with only one or two markets have found that they have no option but to sell the only program that they have available – they have no way to compare and shop to get the best price or coverage.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Ongoing Coverage Assessment”]We contact our clients, on occasion, during the year to verify that no changes have taken place that could increase their financial risk or that might offer lower cost options to current insurance programs.

Many insurance agents actually do the process of renewal analysis 90 or 120 days prior to a client’s expiration. Few actually let the client know what they have done. Too many customers feel that the insurance agent does nothing to re-market and price their coverage once the original sale is made.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Responsive Claims Service”]If claims occur, we respond to the claim on the same day that it is reported to us and we track the claim process to assure that it is handled in a timely fashion.

Most agents quickly report claims. However, a surprising number of agents do not follow up on claims until and unless the client complains that the claim process has gone awry. We know the timely and efficient response to claims is the single primary reason that people buy insurance.[/toggle]