Our Story

Founded in 1984, Cherry Creek Benefits is an experienced and trusted benefits consulting firm located in Englewood, Colorado. We offer comprehensive employee benefits services for the Colorado Rocky Mountain region. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to helping your company craft the insurance, retirement, and wellness programs that will most benefit your employees.

At Cherry Creek Benefits, people are the core focus of who we are and why we exist. We care for you and your employees because we understand the value employees hold within your company. We also understand the importance of making sure they are well taken care of while still ensuring proper management of cost and compliance for the inclusive benefit of your company.

Regardless of the size of your company, Cherry Creek Benefits wants to assist you as you work to design and implement the benefits packages that will best cover the needs of your business and personnel. Our extensive database of over 20,000 case studies can provide you with real-life examples of comparable businesses and the success they’ve found with their individual benefits consulting from Cherry Creek Benefits. We further offer a lawyer on site to provide knowledgeable and reliable answers for any question or concern you may have. 

In November 2018 we became a part of OneDigital Health and Benefits. Although our name has changed, clients can be rest assured that our team will remain the same, and we’ll continue providing strategic insights, outstanding benefits, and excellent customer service for which we’re known. Now as OneDigital, we will continue to build on the company’s legacy of developing innovative ideas and strategies that help lower costs, deliver better benefits, create healthy people, eliminate headaches, provide piece of mind, and ensure compliance confidence. 


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525+ employer relationships

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Number 11 on the DBJ’s list of Denver-area insurance agencies (source)

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Largest benchmarking survey with 20,000+ health plans