Service Model

We Provide a Client-Focused Experience

Here at Cherry Creek Benefits, we listen first to understand your unique vision and needs. We get to know people as more than just data on a spreadsheet—we exist to create benefit strategies for employers who feel the same.

Return on Relationship

Your return on your relationship with us is so important that we put our performance right out front. We will consistently measure our performance, provide clearly defined strategies that exceed your expectations, and fully expect our clients to hold us accountable for results.

Starting with a 3-year plan, we consistently measure and report outcomes to our clients. This helps us quantify success, as well as continually monitor and assess for opportunities.

Our clients also gain access to a customized version of the nation's largest benchmark survey to assist you in making decisions, as well as compare how you measure up to employers like yourself locally, regionally and nationally.

Your employee benefit plan should be strategic. It should be designed with you in mind, your employees in mind and your future in mind. This likely means that an "out of the box" plan won't bring the level of meaningful impact to the table that a customized, strategic plan would.

Whether you need a fully insured or self-funded plan (or advice on what is best for you), Cherry Creek Benefits has the knowledge and experience to ensure it's the right fit for you.

At Cherry Creek Benefits, we believe in ROR: Return on Relationship.

This means that we work every day to ensure that you not only see a measurable ROI from your benefit program, but that you also know you have seen a return on your partnership with Cherry Creek Benefits.